Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★★

I liked it.

It ain't perfect and has some rough spots, but it fills the bill of super dumb people being brutally murdered by a nigh unstoppable killer. Does what it says on the tin!

It looks terrific with pleasing camera work. Mikey has rarely appeared so menacing, he's brutal and eerie. The autumn mood was evocative, it really felt like the spooky season. The music was ok with one notable exception, the weird cue when Micheal was on the stairs of his old house. I was wondering if it was a temp track honestly.

Gallons of blood flow, people scream, I had a good time.

Before the show I dressed as Myers and popped out from behind the screen, then gave a short talk and give away prizes. Sat and watched the film way down in the flat floor seats, felt like the 70s.

Film #493 of 2021.

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