Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool ★★★

…okay. I loved Possessor dearly and hoped this would be nearly as good as that was to me. It was not. It’s parts are pretty interesting. It’s not anything close to boring and Mia Goth is a highlight. But I can’t help but wonder what the point was? So many times it felt like it was getting close to zeroing in one of its many themes and then it just stops. None of that narrative cohesion you’ve heard of over here. Just time for the next weird thing. 

There’s a few scenes that have been making the rounds on twitter through text or shoddily recorded video and I was so irritated to find these moments are not given greater context. Yes, after some letterboxd user writes a review I assume I’ll be able to make heads or tails of it but I am lost here. At least I had a gist of what Titane was about before I left the theater or was intrigued enough about I’m Thinking of Ending Things to find out. This for better or worse mostly just felt like a collection of images. A film, definitely.

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