Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★½

It’s good but idk why you would come to me for some unbiased commentary because there literally isn’t a movie in this franchise I’ve disliked yet. 

Opening kill excellent, chase scenes excellent, tension sequences were good. One thing I LOVED about this one was it tended to go for story and character development at times I wasn’t really expecting. The Core Four of these new movies are all so great in their own way so it’s cool to see them in a movie that feels like theirs the whole time.

One of 2022’s only issues in my opinion was how thrusted upon us they seemed and this takes time to make them feel like people. Even early kills have so much importance cause you’re ready to love these characters immediately. Gonna miss some of these guys. They were great. 

The first two acts are phenomenal and while this movie does not follow up 2022’s continuation of a insane, deranged third act it instead does something much more controlled and character motivated which definitely still worked for me. I need some time to sit with it, rewatch to figure out its placement among the other movies but yeah it’s good. I had no doubt it would be but it yeah it’s good. Bring me Scream 7!*

*I don’t give a fuck about THAT visual component coming back from 2022 btw it’s funny

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