Boogie Nights ★★★★

Yeah, that was awesome!

Boogie Nights is one of the greatest representations of the 70s and 80s. I didn't grow up during this period, but I know enough to acknowledge that this captures the time period perfectly. From the soundtrack that is packed with music from that period of time to the overabundance of cocaine. This film captures the porn industry really well and brings up some great points. It's ridiculous that pornstars are treated with so much disrespect for their profession, which is one of the film's biggest points. It is a professional job like any other, so why are people so judgemental. This film is your typical rise and fall story which you can pretty much predict from the beginning. Not to say that this film is predictable, but it's pretty clear how Dirk Diggler’s character arc is going to play out. I don't take issue with this though because it's the execution that matters. I don't care if I can where the character is going to end up, as long as the journey to that point is fun. This is what PTA really exhales at with this film. He takes a simple story and with some perfect direction, he makes something amazing. There is so much detail that PTA offers with his writing and directing skills. The performances, for the most part, are absolutely beaming with character. I will say that I felt William H Macy’s character felt pretty undeveloped, which lessened the impact of a major scene for me. There is also one character that serves literally no point to the story, but she has many scenes. I don't remember what the character's name was which is due to how undeveloped she was. Philip Seymour Hoffman has little screentime but I could perfectly understand what kind of person he was from his performance and lines. This character that I've forgotten the name of, doesn't have any lines or details in her performance for me to care about her. The cinematography was masterfully handled and the same goes for the editing. Both the editing and camerawork give this film a seamless flow, making the movie feel way shorter than it is. There are a few really nonsensical edits, but other than that, the editing had a great flow. I would also like to add that tension in this film is excellent. This seriously has some of the best pacing during certain scenes. The segment called ”the long way down” was super intense because of how information was delivered to the viewer. My only other complaint I had with the movie was the ending. Without spoiling anything, it was really underdeveloped and disappointing. Apparently, PTA wanted this film too be 3 hours and also NC-17. Of course, the studio wouldn't allow this, so that probably explains why the ending feels rushed. I guess you should have removed all of those pointless scenes with that pointless woman character and actually develop your ending. I wouldn't consider this film perfect by any means, but it was a wonderful ride.

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