Devil ½

Devil is made by people that don't have a single clue on how to make a horror film or a movie in general. A film that has literally no redeemable aspect and never once fails at being trash. The music sounds like stock horror music and is pretty much always playing in the background. Playing stock music quietly in the background as spooky things happen does literally nothing. Speaking of spooky, what the fuck. This is one of the most un-scary films I have ever witnessed for countless reasons. The plot and characters suck and are super uninteresting. A lot of the deaths are predictable and stupid. The biggest thing that makes this film so unfrightening is the pacing. This film has some of the worst pacings ever and always holds the film back from being terrifying. The movie is always trying to get to the next spooky event without any development. Everything is super rushed and there is never any progression. The characters are in the elevator for like ten minutes but already want to kill each other. Thankfully, the film isn't boring since everything is super rushed. This movie honestly flies by, but that isn't a good thing in the case of this movie. The script and line deliver are embarrassingly horrendous. For example, there is a scene where a person is trying to tell the old lady to get on an elevator, but the old lady says it's too crowded. This is how the dialogue plays out:

Some Dude: Come in
Old Lady: It's too tight for me
Some Dude: You can squeeze in
Old Lady: [Akward silence] No

This is not how people talk! Did a fucking A.I. write the script!

Devil is a film that fails at everything and unpleasantly horrible. I hope everyone behind this dumpster fire feels ashamed about their accident because this is a humiliating trainwreck on their part. I would obviously not recommend this because you'll get nothing out of it. It isn't scary in the slightest bit. The only thing scary about this film is the fact that people got paid for making this.