Home Alone ★★½

Ah yes, Home Alone. The perfect film to watch during spooktober. There really isn't much to say about Home Alone. It doesn't have many things wrong with it, but it never goes beyond being ok. I guess my main problem with the film is Macaulay Culkin’s performance. I know his performance is super iconic, but he's pretty inconsistent. There are moments when he shines, but there are also many moments where he fails. Sometimes his line delivery was super unbelievable and I forgot how much he screams and gasps in this film. Seeing a kid go 😮 isn't funny, yet he makes this expression constantly and he's also yelling constantly. In general, there's a lot of yelling in this film, and it's just annoying. I personally didn't find the film all the funny, especially the entire slapstick section of the film, but I guess there's an audience for it. While there might be an audience for this humor, people getting hurt isn't clever. This movie has it's funny moments, but that's when the film is being clever. Not bad, but certainly nothing great.

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