Satantango ★★★½

Ok, so I didn't rewatch this but would rather give Bela Tarr an apology and explain why I'm raising my score. In my review for this, I explained that I would give it a 7/10 but had to lower it because of real animal abuse, so I've always had this as a 6 till now. Well, I would just like to take everything back and thank KelwinRod for clearing this up for me because there actually was no real abuse! Apparently, most of the sources I read on the issue were people like me that thought it looked too real to be fake, but there actually was no harm done. This is very refreshing for me because it pissed me off that Bela Tarr did something so disgusting for a film, but even he is upset about being accused of this multiple times.

Here is an article explaining everything and I can finally change my rating to a 7/10:

KelwinRod's account (thanks!):

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