Honey Boy ★★★★

Just finished watching this after watching it here and there over the span of 3 days. I think it took me so long to actually sit down and finish it because the subject matter was so hard for me to watch at times. It felt a little one-toned, but I think that actually worked in the favor for the message throughout.

The cinematography was incredible and the lighting felt so intimate and real. So real at times that, as a viewer, it felt as though I was intruding upon deeply emotional exchanges between Otis and his father. Shia LaBeouf really blew this one out of the water, he was incredible and his emotional ties to the subject matter created a very unique performance. A performance so raw and heartfelt that I am in utter disbelief that he was not nominated for any supporting actor awards (or that the film as a whole was not nominated for any Oscars).