I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★★★½

This movie is what it feels like when you watch a movie and keeping nodding off every few minutes and when you wake up you tell yourself, "I wasn't asleep, I know what's going on" (even though you really don't have a clue what is going on). Thing is, I watched this movie completely lucid and still was incredibly disoriented from it.

I almost wish I could have watched what my face looked like while watching this, as I feel it was likely a cycle of the same "what the fuck??" facial expressions. The entire movie felt like a very vivid dream that you can't seem to piece together or make sense of once you wake up, which somehow is what I loved the most about it. It left me with a similar feeling afterward that Mother! (2017) did.

Not sure how Toni Collette has found herself in the oddly specific niche of "painfully awkward family dinner" scenes, but she's a bit of a genius *tips hat* when it comes to them.

While the driving sequences did seem almost too long this was definitely the intention. It distorts and also creates a sense of solidarity and anticipation of what will interrupt Lucy and Jake's references to literature and film. The sound of the windshield wipers and the whooshing of the storm around the car during these scenes also created a sort of tension between the two characters. With the growing tension it seemed as though the storm would inevitably leave them stuck together despite Lucy's continuous thoughts of "ending things."

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