Waves ★★★★★

I finished this movie about 5 minutes ago, and it's one of those where you just sit and think afterwards. This movie touched on so many important topics within its two-hour run time that it almost feels like I watched an entire season of a television show rather than a movie. The characters are humanized in such a way that you can start to know what they are thinking even in scenes of silence. Somehow those scenes propelled the story along just as much as a scene full of dialogue would have.

Certain parts, especially in the first half, felt very reminiscent of Ari Aster's Hereditary, which is a bold comparison I know, but the use of suspenseful and unsettling music paired with the frequent shaky handheld camera movements created an environment of mystery of what was to come next.

This film is definitely one I will be watching again in the coming weeks. Although on a second viewing I'll miss out on the element of unpredictability strung throughout, at least I'll get to enjoy the pleasing visuals while Frank Ocean plays in the background (seriously though, that soundtrack was phenomenal).

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