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  • The Alphabet

    The Alphabet


    Creepy-as-hell David Lynch short from the 60s is his interpretation of what a child's nightmare may look like. I never knew the chanting of the alphabet could be so haunting.

    Watched on the Criterion chann

  • The Circle

    The Circle


    Hey I'm all for bringing down these hip corporations with their hip CEOs cracking jokes and acting like they're the employees best friends. And yes privacy concerns are important topics, even if it's a subject that's been slightly ruined by conspiracy theory whackadoodles.

    So why is this movie so stupid? I mean, laughably bad. The filmmakers just have broad points they want to make and they're going to cram their characters into the conflict. No one earns their emotions in…

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  • Death Proof

    Death Proof


    I really don't know how to rate this movie. The Grindhouse cut is so good with such an amazing last 15 minutes. One of the best car chases in film and a beautifully satisfying final few shots.

    The thing is, when that 15 minutes is in a movie that's only an hour long and it's following the pretty underwhelming Planet Terror, it really looks good.

    Now take that, make an extended cut, stretch it out to almost 2 hours, and…

  • Hereditary



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I rewatched Heriditary. And I still think Charlie's death is one of the most brilliantly directed and brutal scenes ever in a movie. But this time it was the scene immediately after that stuck with me most, when Toni Collette is crying and screaming "I just want to die" (That's all in the first act and I hope isn't considered a spoiler)

    The fact she wasn't nominated for that performance is forever a shame on the academy.