Burning ★★★★★

Lee Chang-Dong's masterpiece is a primitive story of violence, suspicion and jealousy, all masked behind the facade of class, wealth and stature.

Based on Murakami's short story, three characters embark in a love triangle. They all, to a degree, have an unhealthy and toxic approach to the others. Whether they are flaunting at the others, manipulating the others, or placing an unhealthy infatuation towards them, the lack of real connection creates a mystery between them that then turns into a full-blown engulfed mystery that is the second half of this movie. Two people can watch this movie and have completely different readings of what is happening and if certain characters made the right choice or not.

Burning is a simmering film of mystery, toxicity and class warfare that you'll walk out thinking was a great movie, and it only grows in your mind from there.

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