Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

This movie is really kinda lame, but there are just hints of brilliance that make me sort of love it. This was made for the theater and that's it. Watching it at home, most of the kills are weapons coming directly at the screen then cut to the reverse shot of the victim being impaled by it. With 3d glasses in the Watching it in 2021...ugh.

The acting is rough because their direction was mostly to put stuff at the camera. And the film is too bright, in order to capture the 3d.

However, the disco version of the theme in the opening credits is so awesome. Second best disco score ever, after Deep Red.

Richard Brooker is maybe my favorite Jason. Besides Kane.

And the handstand kill is so brilliant. So well done. The body just recoils at the plexiglass. Watching it now, it's great. In 1982, it had to blow their minds with that 3d.

I think my ranking of kills in the series goes

5. Kevin Bacon killed in 1
4. Frozen face smasked in Jason X (only good thing about that movie)
3. Sheriff's back broken in part 6
2. Woman thrown from window onto car in Part 4
1. Handstand kill in 3.

Honorable mention to sleeping bag in 7 so people don't jump me

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