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  • Traces Of Death III
  • Traces Of Death III
  • Traces Of Death III
  • Traces Of Death IV

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  • Return of the Killer Tomatoes!


  • Transylvania 6-5000

  • Ascension of the Demonoids


  • Soulkeeper


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  • The Burning Hell

    The Burning Hell


    new mix GREENViLLE S.C. pt. ii soundcloud.com/gnaw_ministries/greenville-sc-pt-ii 🔊 R.I.P. gangsta boo

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    1. how many members of congress have been put under, hypnotized? oathkeeping iii%ers on strange pharmaceuticals, forbidden mushrooms & sacred fruits, targeted paranoia & distrust integral to politics as owl-mediums & psychic thieves are to ai/human "replicant" pawns in our psycho-electoral manipulation by messianic neural troligarchs of the guidestones--the nostalgia you feel is not your own but its potent, implanted memories & schemes no more real than those of tara or cocacola. gangstalked koreshes & menfluencers cop RhinoUltraXXL at the same gas station where tucker…

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  • Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

    Return of the Killer Tomatoes!


    roseanne-era cloon: "who cares about the actors guild!"

    very watchable & prob the best of these not concidentally cuz its barely about killer tomatoes - imo 80s-born weirdo/monster kids were aware of these but most didnt really like em, just tolerated or obliged if there wasnt a toxie or critters tape around. this one ditches baggy not-ready-for-primetime 70sisms for a kind of a ghoulies iii/bud the chud vibe, fundamentally cute enough to run on usa up all night (gottfried era) but…

  • Transylvania 6-5000

    Transylvania 6-5000

    possibly the worst thing produced by the dow chemical company

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  • The Shining

    The Shining

    why is the T so big

  • Happy Death Day

    Happy Death Day


    anyone saying this wasnt scary cuz its "essentially bloodless" cant imagine waking up hungover again & again with an audio implant.