Dune ★★★

who up playin with they worm???

nice set/production/costume design... be a shame if we put a bunch of boring ass royal family costume drama in it....

this is what ppl who hate scifi think its all like, drab hermetic recitations of stupid-sounding made up words & concepts disconnected from anyone's real life but taking itself so serious its impossible to give a shit. obv i dont want genre movies to be quippy, self-reflexive marvel crap but there has to be a middle ground right? could feel the tension between my love of trippy space madness and hatred for orientalist mccarthyite nerd frank herbert's cryptofash "weakness=shame" mentality & stilted royal bloodline/chosen one narrative in basically every scene, except one....

...yes i love baron harkonnen's big drippy zit-faced garbage pail kid ass floating around like the emperor in star wars was played by divine & if the whole movie was the scene where him and brad dourif drain a spacetwink itd be 5 stars no question. also kyle maclachlan says "a storm is coming" 🅠

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