Fitness Fun with Goofy ★★★

// pd187 horror workout WEEK 2: - JUVENILE GYM-RATS!

minute maid in-the-box (??) and disney present what im guessing was a scam to sneak the goofster & other disney product into schools using our tax dollar$$$

i expected this to have roger rabbit cartoon fx but nope, the tall, humorous dog shows up in our flesheal meatspace as a furry mascot worn under red adidas tracksuit like a french bloghouse dj, ben stiller in royal tenenbaums or one of ivan drago's ring crew in rocky 4, instead of his typical orange turtleneck, blue vest & green hat (teacher rocks a purple sweatervest tho). they commune with a weird clockface puppet named TIKTOK (???) in a brightly colored classroom on some mild Terror Toons Vibes* for kids who look like tay zonday & that lil shit from demonic toys/children of the corn iii who seem to want - but never actually get - to kick goofy in the nuts. they perform some low impact aerobics, show clips from shit like dumbo & fantasia, and at the end sing a hilariously lackluster bedroom-synth jingle that sounds like a momus song, no bullshit

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: its for children ok no actually some of the stretches were kinda hard and i was listening to E-40 on top of it so i missed some instructions. actually my adhd ass did appreciate kid-specific rules like "no bouncing" during stretches & got a pretty good workout! ok see ya next week #pd187 #horrorworkout #52