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trevor james constable, sky-creatures & the aether

"this world of ours appears to be separated by a slight and precarious margin of safety from a most singular and unexpected danger"

born september 17 1925 in wellington new zealand, trevor james constable was a military historian & navy broadcast engineer who theorized saucer encounters not as piloted metal craft but living "atmospheric organisms" which he called "critters." trevor's motto? "only results count"!--pop on yr northern exposure crew cap & look at his "biophilian theories" of "amoebalike lifeforms existing on the plasma state"--

"these living creatures, these bioforms, were neither what we wanted or what we expected. we wanted spacecraft. there was for us at that time a definite emotional letdown. we stood in ignorance of any biological element in UFOs, and to begin with we hardly appreciated seeing what looked like unicellular organisms when looking for spaceships. in the intervening time, i have observed with interest and fascination the disquieting, disturbing effect they have on all persons whose approach to UFOs is mechanistic" -

like the interdimensional eels & luminous mantas of FROM BEYOND, skyfish or solar entities occupy an invisible realm but "occasionally emerge into the visible portion of the spectrum" sustained by wilhelm reich's proposed orgonic energy. these radiozoan amoeboids hunger for pulsing orgone stored in the penis & testicles of virile young air force pilots, sucking them up as easily as they enter & empty the wombs & gonads of "mutilated" steeds & cattle.

wireless broad-casts: you can send full 4k movies from your phone into outerspace & back into your friends phones (entire films travel invisibly, wetly thru their bodies, eyes & brains) within seconds. you've prob "done it" in the last 24 hrs before reading this.

UFO filmed during NASA Space Shuttle STS-80 Mission:

constable is one of the few who truly revolutionized weather engineering - why would HAARP discredit him when his navy-endorsed "etheric rain-making" actually works*? as he states in "loom of the future":

"were i 20 years old today, i would dedicate my life to ridding the world of this insane, corrupting bondage to FUEL. a transformation of human life will ensue when the fuel racket is driven from this earth. the etheric power to do it is pulsing in the heart of everyone reading this. more power is involved in living pulsation than in all the atomic bombs ever built."

in the 50s trevor consulted contactee george van tassel, who helped him meditate & introduced him to theosophical exercises that expanded his perception but created emotional disturbances resulting in psychological breakdown ("...blundering in where angels may be terrorized..") in response to the actuality of an invisible world.

he knew terrible creatures lurk around us, awaiting only the right spiritual or scientific breakthrough to reveal their unfortunate existence.


redirecting his studies thru dr. franklin thomas, he was introduced to eva reich, daughter of wilhelm reich, who explained "the lights, the discs, the telepathy, the strange heat effects, sunburn at night, multiple right angle turns, disappearances, mysterious air crashes & religious ferver" were all linked by reich's orgonic ether.

using radar - a form of extrasensory perception that turned our world from silent to buzzing with electromagnetic activity - as both provocation & analogy, constable fingered orgone energy as the force behind UFOs, cryptids & still-unknown fortean elements of electric & radio waves. he conducted photographic experiments with james o woods, who he met in 1956, the two of them camping out in the plains of the mojave desert performing what he called the "star exercise" & shooting "reel after reel" of infrared "in the twilight dawn," capturing real images of "floating, paramecium-like" entities flying in DNA-like double helixes, representing the genetic code they seek to assimilate.


Human Individual Metamorphosis
Total Overcomers Anonymous

the castrated gaters of '97 built on reich's abiogenesis theories: orgone can promote abiotic generation & defy the laws of thermodynamics, creating an "anomalous temperature differential" and "electromagnetic disturbances" in a particular location. the cosmic pulse of hale-bopp was a living intelligence.

JUPITER'S CLAIM: suicide, ritual animal sacrifice & the abrahamic mountaintop offering of "holst" (-jupiter, bringer of jollity)

intelligent plasma is recognized by top-level intelligences who have learned to control the rate of vibration in their own matter, the same intangible force that powers 5G wifi & propels dowsing rods along ley lines.

crop circle researcher colin andrews predicted the angelic, membranous final form of nope's saucer-creature:

the closer a recipient comes to an orgone bioform the stronger the non-locality process occurs. this, i now believe, will enable the bioform to metamorphasize into archetypal imagery reflecting the neurological wave patterns of the person concerned. it can re-mould and transform itself into anything from a christmas tree to marilyn monroe, pretty girls, crocks of gold, visions of the virgin mary, signs of the saints, alien spaceships or little green men.

these encounters will have an objective and often physical reality that will only last for the duration of the supernatural experience. they will evaporate like camphor, back into the higher realms of the electro-magnetic spectrum, the only evidence of their temporary existence being the physical traces that often accompany "encounter" cases. taking the matter a step further, if a percipient physically enters a bioform, he or she will, through the altered states induced by temporal cortex stimulation, take an active part in the temporarily real 5th-dimensional experience. it will take place outside our own four-dimensional space-time continuum in an instant of time - a process that may well result in actual time distortion or missing time. afterwards, the brain will update the memory to substitute what really happened with a softer, more predictable version that will be easier for the mind to accept.

florida MUFON state director denise m. stoner:

Yes, I do believe at least 50% or greater of these recent sightings (past 15 yrs perhaps) are life forms of some kind. I wish I could recall the paperwork on a case I had that involved an abduction where the individual never saw an entity such as the "Grays". He felt the whole works of the craft was a living, breathing entity in itself. Sightings now include so many balls of light that appear to be glass like on the outside with some sort of swirling living being on the inside. This "Shape Shifting" going on is perhaps the workings of the plasma or whatever these beings are made up of as they enter our earth. -

TIP: use indoor infrared surveillance cameras to see orbs and rods swim-flow horizontally through walls & vertically from the ceiling down through the floor, flapping like the fins of a squid. they are NOT dust. they are NOT moths.

non-digital film must be used in conjunction with a wratten 18a ultraviolet filter - visible color photographs result despite the fact that the filter is nearly opaque, due to a "reverse spectrum" process still unexplained. only show up when you look at them

how could a small mechanical craft fly the way we've observed without flying itself apart? ("yeah, the navy vids") how could they disappear and reappear when we're told we can shake the hands the beings who pilot them?? many chemtrails & floaters are in actuality this.

as a typical scanning of enigmatic ufo incidents, we cite the NICAP publication 'strange effects from ufos', compiled with NICAP's usual scrupulous attention to detail. the publication cites frequent electromagnetic (em) interference phenomena and physiological effect causes. the latter include witnesses being burned, feeling heat, feeling numbness, experiencing temporary blindness and unconscious, ness. physical evidence cases include reports of damaged and scorched trees and bushes, crushed foilage, burned ground and road areas, and effects on numerous animals including cattle, horses, dogs, cats, primates, birds and chickens. (-the cosmic pulse of life)

the gaia hypothesis is a huge conceptual rift between ufologists. "official science is bankrupt on UFOs - methodologically, ethically & emotionally bankrupt. the great impasse in which mechanistic science finds itself arises from the irreconcilability between living phenomena and a mode of cognition anchored in sterility & deadness."

italian researcher luciano boccone & his group GRCU came across reich's work in the 70s & contacted constable with pics taken of floating amoeboids and triangular flame-like beings he called "new pterodactyls" in the book la realta nacosta (the hidden reality).


HUNTERS, FLOATERS, AND SINKERS: This painting speculates about possible forms of life on a Jupiter-like gas giant. Airbrushed water-based acrylic

-painting from carl sagan's COSMOS (1980):

with dimethyltryptamine & meditation glandular jellyfish can be observed roaming space & investigating the biosphere. their sinister appearance (carbon-dioxide buildup along its body, like mantis & dulce refs) is deceptive as these amoebas are mostly harmless unless perturbed by radar (resulting in "mutilations") & entirely non-sentient organisms that thrive in a low-temperature environment. biochemical medicine is united in our afterlife coding - these amoebas eat carbon-dioxide & purify the atmosphere. they can survive & reproduce without the need for food or light when directed by orgone pyramids & obelisks. all in all, these amoebas are self-sufficient beings that the air force* considers* "living creatures behind many sightings."

"aerospace organisms" are space-whales

Armed with a camera fitted with high-speed infrared film and an ultraviolet filter, Constable set out to reveal these sky beings to the world. His photographs certainly show something. To the untrained eye they look like discolorations produced during the developing process. But stare long enough and they take on the appearance of floating, zeppelin-sized amoebas.

doyle truly believed this:

"I knew that it meant mischief. Every purple flush of its hideous body told me so. The vague, goggling eyes which were turned always upon me were cold and merciless in their viscid hatred. I dipped the nose of my monoplane downwards to escape it. As I did so, as quick as a flash there shot out a long tentacle from this mass of floating blubber, and it fell as light and sinuous as a whip-lash across the front of my machine…"

saucers as "airy spirits" like a sylph
as seen in

charles fort, the first ufologist: "science of today - superstition of tomorrow. science of tomorrow - superstition of today."

"UFOs: the scariest thing youve NEVER seen!"

A distinct boundary layer that confines and separates an object from its environment is one of the four main criteria generally used to define living cells. Sanduloviciu decided to find out if his cells met the other criteria: the ability to replicate, to communicate information, and to metabolise and grow.

He found that the spheres could replicate by splitting into two. Under the right conditions they also got bigger, taking up neutral argon atoms and splitting them into ions and electrons to replenish their boundary layers.

Finally, they could communicate information by emitting electromagnetic energy, making the atoms within other spheres vibrate at a particular frequency. The spheres are not the only self-organising systems to meet all of these requirements. But they are the first gaseous “cells”.

Sanduloviciu even thinks they could have been the first cells on Earth, arising within electric storms. “The emergence of such spheres seems likely to be a prerequisite for biochemical evolution,” he says. -

reich saw UFOs as "bio-energetic" in nature: "phantom rockets" or "foo fighters" are gelatinous single-cell cuttlefish responsible for the crop circle phenomenon (non-locality)& cant be seen except on analog infrared film

constable believed them to be as "not solid, liquid, or gas. rather. they exist in the fourth state of matter - plasma - as living heat-substance at the upper border of physical nature. they consist of calcium and fluids, the metal and the fluids both being in the plasmatic state" seen in issue #5 of donny kossy's zine KOOKS: "UNIDENTIFIED FLYING AMOEBOIDS"

fortean investigators like ivan t. sanderson found the theory credible & credited the sky-creatures for mutilations & psychoactive experiences, while researcher larry arnold theorized plasmamoeboids (which he calls "amoebae constabla" after tjc) emit energies that may be the cause spontaneous human combustion if in close proximity to a human.

the integratron, worldwide wireless earth-grids, & rudolf steiner's theory of "etheric physics" as used in atlantis:

"an elemental branch of evolution probably older than most life on earth, dating from the time when the planet was more gaseous & plasmatic than solid. they are part of what occultists term "elementals." they live invisibly like fish in the ocean of atmosphere. like fish, i estimate them to be of low intelligence. they will probably one day be better classified as belonging to the general field of macrobiology or even macrobacteria inhabiting the aerial ocean we call the sky."

the psychotronic LSD/leary-influenced star trek episode "the immunity syndrome" postulates "a vision of the universe as living organism with the enterprise as its defense mechanism"--

Loretta believes that the alien body is a giant virus, spawned by spontaneous generation in a force field and a sea of hydrogen atoms. But a virus can only function inside a living cell. Kirk is stunned by the concept that the Universe itself is a cell — the solar system, star clusters, even galaxies being only bundle of greater matter arranged toward the construction of a super-organism. … They [Kirk and Loretta] reflect that it would be indeed ironic if the ultimate function and historical purpose of Man’s evolution were to serve the function of antibodies to the universe — a line of defense against viral bodies seeking to make the Universe sneeze — an ignominious raison d’etre indeed, by Kirk’s standards. The most noble one, by Lotetta’s. She wonders who the Universe is. -


trevor died in 2016:

abduction, spontantaneous combustion or murder? [march 19, 1997 on coast to coast AM*] constable became close to radionics pioneer ruth drown, rick mansell (military camoflauge reseach & color theory) & soong mei-ling aka madame chiang kai-shek, the first lady of china, who believed ETs utilize spiritual laws to make their "living" manipulating souls thru aether, as seen in rendlesham forest, chameleonic bioforms which neither reflect, refract, absorb, scatter nor radiate light. (ghostwritten by constable)


the southern california hills are magic cuz theyre in movies - seeing them is like walking thru narnia or oz & the only ones that inhabit the earth today are insects but to an engineer of constable's era it was "paradoxical" a round, non-living organism would inhabit a planet whose globe was entirely made up of cylindrical structures. is jung's theory of UFOs as archetypal thoughtforms, 'out of this world' biology hiding on NATO bases, represented by amoeba-like sky-creatures? these beings are real. you can talk to them. if clouds are alien portals and thoughts are facts, now it makes sense. we must understand nature & we must understand other people. its about death. and, the truth is, it does not matter.

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