Out There Halloween Mega Tape

Out There Halloween Mega Tape ★★★★

"if youve got a pulse, you love denim"--could hate on some tonal/graphical shit (1996 fox afternoons werent sov-ramshackle as local news in 87 & this feels more goofy, patronizing & sloppy than both) but i love ivy sparks so much im gonna "BE NICE!"-----its cool they make movies for ppl obsessed with news breaks in regional horror & as a sunday night SIGHTINGS taper this had me thinking how many of my adult interests are just 90s trash tv i watched as a kid ("john ellis thinks he's so out there with that stupid mayhem magazine but hes just into in the same shit the rest of america is!") >> mibs, bloodletting, vamps & phantom tramps, a mean/funny parody of linda moulton howe, a suicide cult dressed like ufo phil, & cutie cutes, by toulon

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