Terrifier ★★★★

hey its every 2am screening youve ever sat thru at a horror convention but somehow NOT shitty! super basic and.. pointless? in a way that bugged me with the strangers sequel (my 1 other nu slasher watch this year) but here it works because the singular intent is to be cruel. yr plot can be bible-paper thin and *pSycHo* clown way past dumb cliche and i'll let all of that slide if the movie is scary!!! its all so unsafe & hopeless & i hate this fuckin clown! theres no mythology or explanation besides ted cruz in tiny hat so all kinda wild shit happens like he can just (spoilers) pull a gun on you or come back from the very-dead and its all a surprise cuz what do we know about this guy??? nothing!!!! this is a great scary movie

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