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This review may contain spoilers.

lol i cant stand netflixx but knew this was a banger when the first 20 seconds threw out like 3-4 (SPOILERS! DONT READ TIL U WATCH!) dumb, show-off-y split diopter shots straight outta raising cain & the title card slowly turns the E in PERFECTION backwards like the ron paul REVOLUTION logo (or eminem's, lol) and i realized this was gonna be that nutso, proudly UN-elevated horror shit i live for. spent the first uncomfortable 3rd of this - which is GREAT sicko shit - wondering what the fuck problem allison williams has with black/white relationships (shes gaslighting her way thru yet another one & i wanted the other girl to be like IT WAS THAT CHICK FROM GET OUT!!! like a gag in scary movie 4) but every time i thought i knew what was going on, 80 more stupid twists would have me straight flabbergasted (ok twists #3 or #4 it was like, this is too many twists! you cant flip it every 30 seconds!!! but the final 3rd reveals a strong theme & sincerity that somehow all clicked for me, from the miramax logo to that preposterous final shot). an aged, grandiose steven weber in circle-frame glasses gazing beatifically at flawless cello performances before an amputation-comeuppance rips off his arms & legs like (jeff combs voice) a gingerbread man is exactly the intersection of trashy & classy that makes a great b-thriller, especially when the highbrow classical score keeps turning up licks from star trek 6: the undiscovered country. i would give anything for erotic thrillvenge shit this confidently bugfuck to drop into 3600 theaters instead of "escape room: origins" but i guess its more important every non-disney release gets dumped on netflix holiday weekends so everyone can half-watch it riding home from a bbq in a lyft or whatever. anyway this is great exploitation and trapaholics real trash shit so if you didnt listen & are reading this anyway uh check it out

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