Drive ★★★★★

If everything regarding a piece of art is beautiful it is a tough spot to be in, to choose which has to be given precedence while reviewing it.

So in order to relieve myself of prejudice, I have decided to go in the order of their appearance.

Right when the Hot-pink credits rolled over to start the film, I knew I was in for a field day and that all my senses are in for a treat. The movie just exudes an undeniably attractive 80’s retro charm throughout. This, to the movie was like extra-cheese and pepperoni on your pizza. Without it, the pie would be good, but it would not be perfect. The retro feel gave me that extra ooze which makes me call this film perfect.

The cinematography by Newton Thomas Sigel deserves such a lot of appreciation. The camerawork is so lucid and goes with the flow, narration of the story that I felt like I was in the movie rather than the movie being shown to me. The close-up shots and the slo-mo’s are extremely well handled and never out of sync with the movie. Newton’s work heavily compliments the slow narration of the movie and gives the audience an immersive experience.

The ethereal electro-pop score by Cliff Martinez gave a poetic feel to the movie. It was like the gloss the movie deserved and it was fittingly provided by Martinez. Be it the songs which play in the background, or the score, they had no element of grandeur. They were simple but experiencing the movie and the score together in conjunction made all the magic happen.

The characters and the screenplay are something I have been itching to write about since I finished seeing this. The slow pacing might put off some viewers but I thought the pacing really added to the beauty of it. Had it been rapid, we might not have tasted the essence of the movie. The slowness made it possible for us to lap it all up, capturing the radiance, allowing it to sink in and relish the lingering. Be aware it provides time for all that. And it takes guts for a director to do that.

Ryan Gosling seems to be specially ordered for this role. He is just perfectomante. His chiselled looks, the way he talks, walks, looks, smiles, everything seems just sublime and indefectible. He talks very little and that in some way reminded me of the young Clint Eastwood, on screen. He is just uber-cool all the way. And his costumes just made me go crazy. I would pay a fortune to get my hands on that scorpion jacket alone. He was amazing. Carrey Mulligan also, so efficiently brings out the emotions of a single mother, whilst beautifully portraying one half of the very well written, matured love interest of Gosling. The romance between Mulligan and Gosling was really sweet.

Kudos Nicholas, You have created an awesome movie.

I can honestly and confidently say that Drive is a magnificently impressive, richly rewarding, supremely satisfying, instant classic.

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