Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★★

Me: “Holy Mother of God,

Last night one of your tirelessly inquisitive children, me, sat to watch an incredibly convoluted, deeply artistic creation, called “Holy Motors”, with an innocent ambition of unravelling its meaning. But, Alas I was not successful. Was I, in anyway wrong in trying to discern a thought which sprouted from one of your other children?

God: “No Son. You were not wrong in trying to understand. But there are certain things in the world which were meant not to be understood. Do not try to find a just reason for the existence of such wonders or a definite answer for your quests about them. They must be appreciated for their obscurity rather than for their meaning. Try to see them through their veil of ambiguity and you will definitely rejoice in a heightened form of their beauty.”

Me: Thank You, God. Now I have found peace, at last.

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