The Intouchables ★★★★★

Oh the Flair, the Incredible Natural Flair of this impeccably beautiful film, I can never get enough of.

Intouchables is like Middlemist’s Red Camellia.

So rarely does a film provide so much hope, such brightness and such a special and inimitable on screen relationship with splendorous effervescence. Every character and characteristic of this film is as colourful and as vibrant as a Monet Landscape.

So rarely does a film poignantly elucidate a human being, no matter what comes, must never let go off his charisma, determination and the ability to touch people’s hearts, change their lives to betterment, with words, with endearing demeanour, humbleness and humaneness.

So rarely does a film have such a spellbinding aura that is unquestionably genuine. So rarely does a film have every moment of it steeped in sheer honesty, heartfelt and meaningful fun that it never strives, never cloys, but always achieves to bring out joyful pearls of tears.

So rarely does a film treat such a grim condition with incredible ease and warmth. So rarely does a film show that when a person is in pain, physically or mentally, he does not need empathy. All he needs is the endearing care of a human being who never feels sorry for his condition or fate. All he needs is a soul mate, a person who he can connect with, laugh with, share with and become one with.

So rarely does a film have so many Jokes about disability and never once make them seem desensitized.

So rarely does a film have an ear orgasm, an earnestly ingrained passion for music, the childhood enthusiasm of an old man, and such a brief, accurate description of the effects of Grass. So rarely does a film imbue such unshakeable confidence in the future and goodness in humanity.

So rarely does a film have music that strings together each vein and sense of the viewer and amalgamate them into the glorious lives of the people on screen.

So rarely is a film so bittersweet and makes both equally nourishing and outstandingly tasteful until the last sip.

So rarely does a true story like this occur on Earth.

Long live the truly wondrous friendship of these two gentlemen.

PS, I so want to plant a peck on the cheek of every single person involved in this amazing story and film. But one man gets two pecks. Ludovico Einaudi, your piano keys give me the keys to unlock Elysium every time I listen to them. Your Music makes my World, the Nature and my Life so much more beautiful. God Bless You.

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