Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

i wanted to start the year off by rewatching my favorite film, and lady bird feels even more perfect and closer to me upon each watch. the most minor details in christine and her mom's conversations and interactions resemble me and my mom so closely, it makes me tear up. i'm like lady bird; as i approach my senior year and look at colleges i just want to get away and see new places and be independent, but this film reminds me to appreciate my surroundings, even if from time to time they don't seem ideal. i love this film so much, it feels like a warm hug and it allows me to breathe and let go of everything i've been feeling; it's so understanding of all my thoughts since i've turned 17 and i start to approach adulthood. this film means the world to me and i cherish it so much, i'm so grateful to greta gerwig for making this film and sharing it with the world.

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