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  • Natural Features
  • Manon of the Spring
  • The Sound of the Shaking Earth
  • Tokyo Gore Police

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  • Tokyo Gore Police


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  • Aayirathil Oruvan

    Aayirathil Oruvan

    oh yeah i totally knew i was in for a weirdo epic goofy violent historical war spectacle set in the 21st century where it’s swords vs guns and all blood is cgi. insane

  • Green Snake

    Green Snake


    unbelievable (and doubly unbelievable how everybody seems to be snoozing on the restoration, wake up it’s a FEAST)

Popular reviews

  • Nostos: The Return

    Nostos: The Return

    when a visual medium mainly (better yet, solely) relies on visuals to convey what needs to be conveyed is a gargantuan turn-on for me anyway, but with visuals as gorgeous as this film’s??!! i’m stirred. the minimal amount of dialogue that is present is spoken in a dead language (or in war cries that are far from dead,) significant but need not be understood literally. since most of the film was silent i wanted to be too but i love this so much that i feel uncharacteristically loud and sleepless thanks to how excited this film got me despite being so calming

  • Catch-22


    feels like the film in itself is a catch-22, you need to have read (and loved) the book to truly appreciate it but you won’t appreciate it (as much) BECAUSE you read the book. 

    i could be wrong