Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★★

Strong 9-Perfect 10 out of 10

Did Leos Carax perfect the art of surrealism in this film? Maybe. It manages a deft blend of influences from Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast to Eyes without A Face, as well as Buñuel’s omnipresent surrealist influence. Holy Motors plays with film’s myth making power and subverts and toys with various iterations of this myth making. The visuals are evocative of the undercurrents of these myths while using them to different ends. Also, Denis Lavant’s performance is an all-timer, in a role that is not unlike Alec Guinness’ comic turn in Kind Hearts and Coronets.

Edit (11/13/21): Changed score from Strong 9 out of 10 to Strong 9-Perfect 10 out of 10.