Parasite ★★★★★

Parasite is a film that was made for you to watch in the cinema without knowing anything about the story. The film premiered here in Brazil in November last year, I was seeing the very positive reviews that the film had been receiving, but I still wasn't sure if I should see it in the cinema. One of the reasons is that the film was only shown in only 1 cinema in my city, and that cinema was very far from my home. Curiosity made me cross the city to watch.

I arrived at the cinema and found that the only available session was VIP. The VIP cinema sessions here in Brazil are very expensive, but I had nothing to do. It was the only place in town I had to watch. I entered the room and was already happy to know that the chair was basically a luxury bed (it had to be, because I paid too much to enter this session), I watched the movie lying down and completely calm. I didn't have to move my ass because the chair was not hard. All cinemas should be like this.

At the end of the film I didn't even care about it anymore, I was so surprised and shocked that I couldn't think straight. I could only think of one thing: "Parasite is a masterpiece". That didn't leave my head. All the money I spent that day was worth it. It isn't every day that you watched a movie like that.

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