Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★

It has been a while since a movie like this has been done. Probably because they feel the audience will be mostly teens and teens are now that much into teen dramas but… maybe that’s because there are not teen dramas and comedies anymore! I really see myself enjoying this in a rewatch. It has strong characters, even Sophie Turner’s small but iconic cameo was amazing, and I think it’s clear that she doesn’t  “DOO CAWKAINEEE”. Which also proves that the movie is really funny and has its strong moments. However, it is as if these moments were planned to be talked about and they just threw them out there connected with a sloppy and weak script, which makes the movie feel longer than it should. Not to mention that the twist, which is one of the fun and cool parts, is very predictable. People might say “it was a Netflix movie, you shouldn’t be expecting much”. But the truth is that I wasn’t expecting much and ended liking it, just think it could’ve been much better with some little improvements.

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