Don't Look Back ★★★½

wedding on a rainy day?

even the sky is moved!

(friends told me they would come, but they didn't come yet

thanks for coming.)

3 disconnected stories about young south koreans who are each stuck in some way, while everyone around them is moving forward. it's pretty long at 2 hours, but that's how it conveys the mundanity of life. each time i was feeling the lenght, it would abruptly pull me back in with what could be the most minute of things, till i understood that that was the entire point, at which point it became relateable on a deep level.

final story is the best, thanks in large part to kim tae-woo playing the character he seems to have been born to play.. which is throwing me off in a weird way cuz it seems that's who he plays in every film. like he's just himself in everything. i'll have to investigate.