2046 ★½

I am only giving this a 1.5 rating for the music choices, style and cinematography of 2046.
The film followed our (with my partner, Cityzen Kano) viewing of its predecessor, "In the mood for love", of which, obviously in my opinion, had a much better storyline to its follow up.
Ok, I understand this is a continuation of the character Mr Chow but there were too many repetitive scenes to highlight something about him (no spoilers) and to me there was no real plot for us to follow.
Though to the film directors credit once again, he played homage to the elegance of the 1960's era, the focus on the woman's long neck, hair, and this time, added connotations of elegance via the gloves-with-ring combo. Always love a film with good cinematography; colour and ambience. Just tone down the music for the fourth edition ;)

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