The Slumber Party Massacre β˜…β˜…β˜…Β½

the killer was just so funny to me like, man made absolutely no effort to keep his identity hidden or masked, just that double denim drip and a big ol’ drill baby😀 hey I wonder if that drill symbolised anything in particular? anyways, TITS AND ASS CLOSE UP SHOTSβ€” woah sorry I don’t know what just came over me, but for real I actually really enjoyed this!!! it was funny as hell and the acting was great, cheesy and campy but in the best way possible. the teens weren’t annoying and the story wasn’t boring, just a genuinely fun and entertaining, 80s slasher flick that didn’t make me roll my eyes every 10 minutes! will definitely be rewatching this, but next time it’ll be at my own slumber party with the girls, topped off with some strawberry daiquiris, dead-cold pizza and a body in the fridge❀️

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