Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

This movie exceeded my high expectations, and I found it to be more enjoyable than Homecoming. I thought it was very well done, from the comedy to the High School drama. I couldn't stop grinning the entire first half. There was some relatableness (I don't know if that's an actual word) in Peter's life problems that while weren't as much high stakes as the problems Peter face in the Raimi trilogy, they were still fun to watch because of how relatable they were with me being a highschooler. I'm sure when I start paying rent Peter's problems in the Raimi trilogy might become more relatable

However, I feel that the big twist could have been better and while the movie was fun, the stakes was negativity impacted because of the light heartedness and hence, there was no real sense of danger.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable Spider-Man film with great character dynamics and a great cast which had me grinning for most of the movie.

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