Castle in the Sky ★★★★★

Between this and Nausicaa, which are both from the 80s, I think I really like the older style of animation better.

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Now where do I start, so this is probably one of the films that is more geared towards children along with My Neighbor Totoro, but what sets it apart from Totoro is its adventurous quality along with lots of action which I did not expect. The pacing is all around pretty well done although the film will sometimes slow down to break up the action sequences. The fact that it’s more geared towards children doesn’t stop it from having a powerful message about greed, power, and most importantly, preserving our earth. It will often stop to take a look around at the beauty of the world to show just how important it is to save it from Man’s destruction. And that’s why the film opens in an industrial mining town. To show that we are already destroying it and we must not continue and destroy the more sacred and untouched places such as the castle in the sky which in our world would be the rainforests or the Arctic. 

Another great aspect of the film is its consistent but simple plot that it maintains throughout the entire runtime. It sets up two motives right from the start that stay in the characters’ minds. They are loyal to each other and the objectives that they must accomplish. 

Overall, Castle In The Sky is a more childish approach from Studio Ghibli that isn’t for everyone but, nevertheless, has a strong plot with decent pacing, good characters, and a universal message. It’s not only one of my favorites from Studio Ghibli, but also one of my all time favorite films and it comes thoroughly recommended.

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