Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½

I went to see Ready or Not as part of Odeon’s “Scream Unseen“ series but despite this heading, the only screaming I did were screams of laughter! I was expecting a horror but got a fantastic dark comedy instead.

Even though some of the comedy is a bit predictable, there are some great laughs and visual gags throughout. The story is nothing we haven’t seen before, and I second-guessed every twist and turn, but it’s presented in such a unique way which makes this movie feel really fresh.

Samara Weaving is the standout star of this film. She brings such compassion and familiarity to Grace, I feel like I know her and want to befriend her. But when the shit hits the fan, she becomes a total badass driven by her strong will to survive. I was rooting for her every bloody step of the way. And she’s so genuinely funny throughout, too!

If it’s scares and tension you expect from your horror movies, then give this one a swerve. But if you like something a little more alternative, with gore and laughs aplenty, then I would highly recommend giving Ready or Not a watch.

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