After Hours

After Hours ★★★★

Feels like Scorsese's Chunking Express, in term of how making a quick, small, on-the-fly film during the production of an important, high-budget one (Ashes of Time for Wong Kar-Wai, The Last Temptation of Christ for Scorsese) can be liberating to both the film and its director. As a result, After Hours just throbs with manic, reckless energy, with one foot still planted firmly in the real world, making the escalation both surreally hilarious and scarily plausible. The protagnoist's paranoid headspace becomes ours (I burst out loud laughing near the end; an incident at that point is a litte funny, sure, but I think my laughter is less a hilarious kind and more of a nervy, hysterical reaction), and it ends on such a perfect little clinch.

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