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This review may contain spoilers.

Most people say they relate to "the fight" because they have been at that point. I myself agree somewhat but would say that it resonates with me deeply because I have *sat through* a few exactly like these (minus the nudity and a few instances of strong language of course) with my parents when I was a kid, which almost ended in divorce. But then they still stay together to these days. Maybe I come into the film with all that baggage when I say that the bitterness shown feels real and very much human (although not all long-run couples suffer through it if they are lucky enough), but the willingness to compromise after the honeymoon period erodes and a few fights start coming is what determines the eventual relationship. And I feel that as shown in the end of the film, and as Jesse and Celine are always in deep talk to work stuff in themselves and each other out no matter in what film, as long as they keep talking (it's said once that they haven't been alone together to talk this long in quite some years), they are going to be alright.

No matter the reading, it's a perceptive, heartrending, astoundingly acted, and near-perfect film all around, and I can't wait to catch up with them in another 9 years.

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