Proxy ★★★★

A deceptive psychological thriller that's sure to be divisive, but I dig both the genre and what it's doing, so I really liked it quite a bit. It is one of those films that really shouldn't be indulged in details too much, so I'll only say that it's about a pregnant girl who loses her baby in a vicious assault, and then a kind and friendly encounter at the following support group turns out to be not what it seems. It is also a film that will be debated if some of the technical and story elements are just ineptitude, or deliberately designed that way, of which I fall into the latter camp. Its homage to Hitchcock and De Palma, both on story and style level, is really quite fun and often exhilarating. It is a little long-winded at two hours and will not be for all, but if you like the genre and the directorial styles the film takes homage from, you should check it out.

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