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  • Upstream Color

    Upstream Color


    Watched on MUBI.

    Does Letterboxd currently consider 'experimental' a genre? This is probably one of the first experimental feature-length films I've ever seen. And I'd be lying if I said I haven't been flummoxed yet absorbed by this at the same time.

    Shane Carruth's sheer involvement in this is nothing short of impressive (he wrote, directed, edited, acted in, and composed the soundtrack!), especially when you consider that this was achieved with a mere budget of fifty thousand dollars. This…

  • The Perfect Gooseys

    The Perfect Gooseys


    "You say 'to-MAY-to'."
    "We say 'to-MAH-to'."

    Watched on Omeleto's YouTube channel.

    Put simply, this short film is a refreshing eye candy. It isn't often that I stumble upon a video that currently sits above 12 million views that turns out to be this visually gorgeous. I fell in love with the eye-popping marriage of the various aspects of the cinematography here; from the vibrantly colourful production design to the meticulous framing of each individual shot. As a result, not once…

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  • My Last Day

    My Last Day


    flashbacks to my 11-year old self in Sunday school shielding my eyes in terror from the second half of this 9-minute short

    At the time I was growing tired of many inane and clichéd Bible YouTube videos, this came like a lightning in a bottle. And I think this still holds up in some aspects.

    Revisiting this 6-7 years later, it is a pleasant surprise for an animated faith-based short like this to not shy away from the blood-soaked agony…

  • Everything Will Be OK

    Everything Will Be OK


    Although this can be experienced on YouTube for free, please give Don Hertzfeldt the money he deserves by buying the Blu-ray of his short films!

    Hertzfeldt delivers a singularly disquieting and unflichingly powerful portrait of mental illness told in a bleak, surreal urban yet dreamlike setting. This marks the first chapter of a trilogy, preceding I Am So Proud Of You (2008) and It's Such A Beautiful Day (2011).

    We see introduced to our protagonist Bill, an ordinary man in…