Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★½

Very stylish, but empty. One star. The interchangeable girl characters with their unbelievable motivation = no content, for me anyway. WAIT: the interchangeability/emptiness was deliberate, you say? OH. okay. Well that changes things. An extra half star for owning emptiness. WAIT, what now???? Not enough? I can't put expectations of character and naturalism on such an obviously expressionistic vision of social satire ? OK, I take it back. An extra half star for defying expectations. WAIT THERE'S MORE: It's modern noir - hot pink noir at that - totally opposite of b&w. Wow, so one extra half star more for genre nod/bending. And I was just gonna give it one star for being a bore. My mistake. I give up. Ok, it's kind of good ..in a way I guess... but I don't want to see it again and you can't make me.