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  • Wind River
  • La La Land
  • Atomic Blonde
  • Deadpool 2

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  • Cool Runnings

    Cool Runnings


    One of all time favorites. Caught myself laughing hard with so cliché scenes. And I 've seen this film so may times...

  • The Post

    The Post


    Although I liked the storyline, the acting didn't quite convince me. Sure great actors but everyone in the story has the moral compass of Superman. Where are the simple people, with doubts, fears and also values? Not everyone is out there trying to won the Nobel prize of Democracy.

    Seemed a little fake to have a full cast of virtuous people all fighting for the greater cause. Only Meryl Streep's character seemed to be balanced, although it was for another set of reasons.

    Not bad at any case, but maybe a little over the top.

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  • Where Am I Going?

    Where Am I Going?


    Are you Greek? Go see it.
    Good to see that our neighbours have such a great sense of humour. This film should be a reference to any Italian-Greek lexicon for "una faccia una razza".

    I don't think anyone outside the Mediterranean or someone who hasn't grown up in a state with a corrupted public sector would laugh a lot.

  • Dancer



    I don't like ballet. But damn, I can't take my eyes off him.
    Not because I like his ballet, but rather you can see in his every move that he has worked his ass off to reach this level.

    This is not a documentary. More like a drama. And its captivating.
    For me, the most tragic figure is Sergei's father. Why? Go see it yourself.

    Oh, and by the way this movie has another painful reminder. That in order to…