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  • Dance With Me

    Dance With Me


    In Iranian cinema, making a film that can make the audience feel alive has become uncommon in recent years. However, "Jahan ba man beraghs” does this for the audience and gives them a sense of life. Aside from the problems with the script and the characters, it must be said that Sehat was very successful in his first directing experience and I hope that he will be able to continue on a positive and growing path.

  • Ophelia


    This reimagining of Hamlet is not faithful to the original text, so you should have an open mind to enjoy it.I don't generally like movies that apply modern sensibilities to classic stories and characters, but this one was tolerable. In this film, Ophelia is our main character and we seen how things unfold from her perspective. Her role in the original work is a big deal seeing as she was the innocence in a corrupt court who was driven to…

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  • The Edge of Love

    The Edge of Love

    once again I am watching a shitty movie for an actor that I think is HOT...
    Seriously If it wasn't for cillian I would have not watched it to the end.everything about this movie and the characters were so stupid and annoying.

  • Dracula



    The most visually stunning movie ever made.
    The costume design, lighting, camera work, make up are all very good and make a very atmospheric movie.
    I love the hypnotic feel they created with the careful editing. Every frame flows in the other, the whole style grabs you and never lets you go. I simply could not turn my eyes off the screen.