Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

london film festival 2019: film fourteen
headline gala

utterly heartwarming one minute, painfully sobering the next, i had my reservations about taika waititi’s jojo rabbit, and while i think that it is still a few iterations away from being perfect, it is a beautifully-orchestrated juggling act that marries thoughtful musings on the desensitisation of childhood and innocence with off-kilter hilarity that audiences will lap up.

a superb band of performances - the younger cast particularly shine with scarlett johnasson delivering an impactful supporting turn - and a genuine heart from the writer and director behind it all, it’s clear that from jojo rabbit that something cathartic has been borne, which is felt profoundly throughout. i sometimes think it can be a little overwhelming and overstuffed at times, with waititi’s hitler being the weakest element of the film — but that such a painful and unfortunately still relevant area of our history can be tackled in this considerate, funny and soul-stirring way, you cannot help but applaud the results. jojo, you won me over.

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