Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★★★

this is such an overdramatic and extra review i’m so sorry @ anyone who reads this 

when i first saw mamma mia! with my mum nearly exactly 10 years ago we had just moved cities and this was the first film i ever saw in said city. i was like. a tad obsessed with it. shortly after when i was having a hard time adjusting my mum surprised me by buying the cd for me and i’d lie on the floor next to the stereo id claimed as my own and listen to it for hours and hours and learn all the lyrics to the songs i didn’t know from the little booklet. i adore it so much and it means the world to me, just the overwhelming joy i feel every time i watch it is unparalleled.

i inevitably was always going to love this and i knew that going in and i saw it at the same theatre i saw the first one in so i was emo for no good reason. to me it has so much of the magic that the old one does, that extreme feeling of love and cheesiness and happiness and the ABBA music that i adore so much is all here and it’s everything i wanted it to be like depression fucking cured! it’s fun and fucking ridiculous (everything about cher in this and the waterloo number made me scream i loved it) and i wouldn’t want a mamma mia movie any other way. i’m so glad i get to have another 2 hours in this world and with these characters and their weird but loving little family and my heart is so full. i may have spent the last 30 minutes crying but that’s besides the point. 

anyway best film of 2018 every other movie is fucking cancelled amanda seyfried academy award when?

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