Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★★

I was alone.

I was on a Boy Scout campout laying in my hammock between two distinct trees. It was 25 degrees outside but it felt warm in my ball of blankets. Some of the younger scouts were talking as always during the wee hours of the night, so to drown them out I went to the podcast app. To my astonishment, I had forgotten to download any podcast episodes and there was no cellular reception in the woods! I was at a loss. What ever could I do? This is such a HUGE first world problem!!!! 

But suddenly I remembered... I had Frances Ha downloaded on my phone! I quickly opened Netflix, played the movie and turned off my phone. I listened to the whole movie, it was an incredible experience. 

I didn't see all the locations the film takes place in, so it felt really really short and fast paced. Which is a good thing. The whole flow of the film changes significantly when you remove Sam Levy's tear wrenching cinematography. I focused more on dialogue and how music and SFX were incorporated into the film. I also noticed that the first line Patch says is, "Sorry, I had to take a leak." I never noticed that it ties into the first line Frances says about him.

I really recommend my undateable way of experiencing this film. It's different.

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