Saw ★★★½

Saw is not a great movie. That didn't stop me from liking it.

Do most common movies have charm? Saw certainly has a charm about it. It's in the same vein as Taken and Devil, they're not really that great of movies but their charm makes them fun and enjoyable. I do think this is better than the before mentioned movies because you can really tell that the director and writer are trying really hard to make something good. 

When I say Saw is fun, I mean it's entertaining to feel super terrible for the people who are sawing off their limbs. Actually only one person saws off a limb. ONLY ONE!!! THE MOVIE IS CALLED SAW AND THERE'S ONLY ONE LIMB SAWED OFF???? Ok I forgive it since it isn't called "Saws." 

And the ending! It's so so dumb. Yet amazing at the same time... I can't describe it... I really loved the ending. Even though it was kinda dumb. Yeah I don't know what I'm saying either.

Best Adam death™

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