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  • Evil Dead II

    Evil Dead II

    "...That (The Evil Dead I) was great and the Coen brothers with Blood Simple was great but then they followed it up with Raising Arizona and Evil Dead II, which in my generation of young guys, those were the two best movies made in our lifetimes. Evil Dead II and Raising Arizona and the crazy way they shot it... If you're a movie-mad, young guy in your early 20s and you see that shooting style it's like what's the point…

  • Olympia Part One: Festival of the Nations

    Olympia Part One: Festival of the Nations

    Kratak esej koji sam napisao na temu filma kao propagandnog sredstva

    Kada razmišljamo o nacističkoj Nemačkoj i propagandnoj delatnosti koja se u okviru nje dešavala prvo ime koje nam pada na pamet jeste ime Jozefa Gebelsa (Hitlerov ministar propagande), ali odmah uz njega stoji ime Leni Rifenštal. U njena najznačajnija dela ubrajaju se filmovi ‘Triumph des Willens’ (1935) i ‘Olympia - Fest der Völker’ (1938); “Olympia 2. Teil — Fest der Schönheit” (1938). Ne bi bilo loše, sistematičnosti radi, reći…

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  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    The way in which violence is used in this film is fascinating. Only violence in this film that we directly see is the one when main character (Joe) is hurting himself. Besides that, director, cleverly, uses many little strategies to avoid showing violence that we expect, given the nature of the story, and this genre. We see fighting through security cameras, or when it is already over. On the other hand, when Joe’s agression is aimed to himself, we see…

  • A Serbian Film

    A Serbian Film


    There are many ways to interpret Serbian Film. It can be viewed as an allegory about entertainment industry, or allegory about living in Serbia, or allegory about human experience in general. However, i think that the most accurate way of viewing this film is to put it in the context of serbian cinema. First of all, film is (obviously) titled Serbian Film so it's pretty clear that it has something to say about serbian cinema. In a way Serbian Film…