F9 ★★

Long, and several of the action sequences were dull. I liked the magnet gadget though. That was mildly fun at times, though like with everything else not utilized inventively. This series continues to portray itself with dignity, as if it is an epic saga and not a ridiculous farce. It works in its favor in a sense, I guess. I probably wouldn’t enjoy it ironically if it was winking along with me, like Hobbs & Shaw. But at the same time that tone of dignity is the same part of the movie that demands such a level of seriousness that they can’t take full advantage of the stupidity involved. There’s giant magnet and space car fun to be had. Live a little! I kind of appreciated the Dom/Little Bro flash-backs. It felt like one of the first honest attempts at emotion since I don’t know when. For a while all we’ve gotten is “family is family” platitudes. Han’s return provided me some hope of fun, but he didn’t add that much in the end. Oh, well.

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