Asparagus ★★★★★

My take: The protagonist (maybe every woman, maybe the filmmaker herself) stays in her home, wrapped up in whatever strange comforts she can find there. Her imagination runs riot. Outside is a world of the crassest, most phallocentric sexuality. Instead of facing it directly, she allows her imagination to reshape it. When she does have to venture forth she guards herself with a mask, hiding her true self. However, by collecting symbols of her experience and sharing them with others she is able to recreate her world. The recreation is ever so slight, but it is enough to allow her to engage, imaginatively, with her sexuality.


Asparagus is beautifully animated, rich with bright colors and surreal imagery. Indeed, it is considerably more beautiful than most of the other surreal films I have seen. The soundtrack is dissonant and unsettling, and paring it with the images caused a deep effect on me.

52 Films by Women: 34/52

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