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  • Cybernetic Grandma

    Cybernetic Grandma


    Incredible. The amount of care and creativity that went into creating those environments is unreal. At one point we see an exterior shot of a giant building. It's incredibly well built, and the camera only stays with it for a second or two. Director JiΕ™Γ­ Trnka clearly knew he had talent to spare.

    I was surprised how much emotional impact this short had. I was deeply unsettled by the cold, strange environment the little girl found herself in, and I…

  • Mighty Mouse in Krakatoa

    Mighty Mouse in Krakatoa


    I wish this was longer. The plot is basically non-existent. But the backgrounds are beautifully painted and everything is colorful and pretty. The animation is fluid, and while it obviously relies on recycled frames, no individual shot lasts long enough to make that annoying. The music is mindless, pleasant, and tropical. And the gags are pretty funny! I want more of all of it.

    P.S. If you ever wanted to masturbate to anthropomorphic female mouse, I have great news for you.

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  • Rhythm 21

    Rhythm 21

    Movie: ◻️

    Me: ok.

    Movie: ⬛

    Me: 🀯

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    A big, shaggy mess of a movie-- one stuffed with so much content that you're sure to like some of it. The writing is a marked decline from the first Tom Holland Spider-Man. The jokes are cornier and less sincere, as when Ned gives a dumb speech about how he's a man now that he has a girlfriend. The dialogue in general rings false. The goal isn't emotional truth, it's provoking the next stage of Peter Parker's arc. Jake Gyllenhaal…