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  • Speed Racer
  • Pontypool
  • Local Legends
  • Demon Lover Diary

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  • The All Golden

  • A Guide to Becoming an Elm Tree

  • Letters to the Postman


  • The People's Joker


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  • Letters to the Postman

    Letters to the Postman


    Shot for a pittance across half a decade, Felix Dembinski’s auspicious and bewitching debut concerns a naive youth who assumes the responsibility of provisional postman for a coastal community in the English countryside. The initial tedium of the job is suddenly enlivened when the young man is charged with delivering a letter to an isolated homestead where a beautiful woman is said to reside. But his delivery attempt unexpectedly leads to an epistolary relationship between the postman and this mysterious…

  • Zeder


    I think Stefano should have let those cultists resurrect those bodies in peace.

Popular reviews

  • Therapy Dogs

    Therapy Dogs


    A raucous collision of documentary and fiction captured and manufactured within the filmmaker’s final year of high-school.

    Ethan Eng's Therapy Dogs is one of the few contemporary films to effectively articulate the exuberance and ennui of high-school in a way that also feels aesthetically authentic to how teens are mediating these emotions and experiences today.

    Infectiously kinetic editing and madcap stunt work that you should absolutely not try at home. It’s the JACKASS 400 BLOWS.

    THERAPY DOGS starts streaming today (until Feb. 6th) as part of the SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL. Badge prices are only $10, so what are you waiting for?

  • The Soulmates in the Gift of Light

    The Soulmates in the Gift of Light

    The movie that united the Internet.